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List Of Colleges And Universities In New York City

Abode to Lady Liberty, Wall Street, Broadway and more, New York is the city that never sleeps. It is the destination where most of the international students dream to pursue their higher education, owing to its high cultural lifestyle, quality educational institutions and nightlife. New York City is globally acclaimed not only for its high standard living style, but also for comprising some of the best and world class universities and colleges that render high class education to students from across the world. There are 8 Universities in New York City featured within World University Rankings and other three universities are in close proximity to the city. NYC is ranked at 20th position in QS Best Student Cities, thereby making NYC as the popular and renowned study destination in the world.

To help students decide where to pursue their higher education in NYX, here is an overview of Top Universities in New York based on their world rankings.

Cornell University 

NYC comprises some of the highest ranking universities and colleges and Cornell University is one of them that secures the 14th ranking in the world and hold the position amongst the top 10 US universities. Being the member of Ivy League Group, Cornell University offers wide range of both vocational and academic programs and courses. It also takes the pride for being the first US University to offer degree courses in veterinary courses and holds the title of first US University to render education in modern Far-Eastern Languages.

Vessar College

It is one of the Top Colleges in New York that boasts the long and proven history for providing quality education to women and men in engaging and supportive environs. Established in the year 1861, Vessar College is the liberal arts college that offers multiple degree programs and comprises student organizations and athletic teams, thus ensuring that students enjoy holistic educational experience within the campus.

Colleges And Universities In New York City

New York University

NY University is one of the leading Universities in New York City that is ranked amongst the top and best world’s university. This university is known for its strong focus towards internationalization, which they prove with their multiple branch campuses across the globe and excellent study aboard programs.

Union College

It is one of the oldest and top colleges in NYC. Union College was established in New York and it was the first higher education institution to offer liberal arts programs with 21 academic departments. It is made compulsory for all students to take courses in humanities, science, math and English. It also offers degree programs in neuroscience, history, astronomy and various other subjects.

These were some of the leading and top universities and colleges in New York City which students must consider for their higher studies. There are also other colleges and universities which students may choose based on their rankings.

Why You Should Join Dance Classes For Couples

How do you feel at a party where no one is dancing, there is no music playing, everyone is minding their own business, boring, right? What about a dazzling dance performance you come across at a party or TV, couples dancing along, matching the steps perfectly, grooving and enjoying the beats? Mesmerizing! Even when they are not much of a dancer.

Socializing is inevitable in today’s society and much of it takes place in an informal setting so what’s better than jamming in? Couple dance lessons take it to the next level, even when the dancers are single and they are performing hip hop. You should also go for that dancing not because you want to ape anyone but because

Private Dance Class In Corniche:

  1. It brings out your confidence, when you expose yourself to something that you are not comfortable with, you land into an excellent opportunity to grow and boost your confidence. You might not feel it as your forte but understand that all dancers start similarly. At least next time when you go to a party you won’t hesitate to ask anyone for a dance.
  2. It’s an excellent socializing practice, if you are an introvert or a naturally shy human but want to reach out to people to know about them, particularly the other half, there couldn’t be a better way than practice dancing regularly, not only will it help you in overcoming the innate shyness while approaching people but you may also become better conditioned and expressive since dancing requires a lot of it.
  3. You might actually become more attractive, performing a dance form involves many specific stances or hand gestures that will tone your muscles, make you look more symmetrical, give you that poise and charm that makes you look more attractive.
  4. It helps you in bonding more with your partner while this is for the ones who are in a relationship it might still be helpful for everyone, given the busy schedule everyone has these days, signing up for a couple of dance can be good way to spend some time together with your partner, enjoy each other’s company to strengthen your chemistry.
  5. It is a stress buster, you might as well have issues in your life, and everybody does, although different from others. Dancing with a partner and enjoying music can help you in beating the stress, in basing a fresh perspective on the problems. Dancing has been proven to make you happy and happy feet go a longer distance.

Dance classes for couples have a whole lot of advantages, better communication with your partner is crucial and good for mental health, and it makes you in establishing a lighter and less serious outlook on life.